Joe Spencer

Joe Spencer
Joe spencer.jpg
Played By: Dan Castellaneta
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A barber in Hendricks County, Indiana and owner of Stylin' Joe, Joe Spencer was happily married to Charlene Spencer and father to Andy. During a visit to a garage sale Joe came across a stone which as soon as he touched, he began to see the adventures of a team known as SG1. In reality it was an ancient long range communication device.

Seeing 'visions' of the team, he soon turned what he saw into stories which he told his children at dinner. Being supportive, his wife told him to become a creative writer, however as the years passed his visions didn't stop, and the stories became a fixation point for Joe. His customers at work started to feel sick of the stories to the point where they all stopped coming to him, ending in the closure of Stylin' Joes.

Charlene soon became worried about his fixation, and she soon realised that he had begun to spend more and more time writing his stories and trying to get the published. His fixation caused him to deviate from his family breaking away from them. Believing it's the only way, Charlene took her son Andy and left him hoping that he would seek professional help.

In the meantime, Joe who now believed that the visions were true went in search for Jack O'Neill however failed to contact him. When he met up with his wife again she believed Joe was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions and asked him to see a doctor, however he ignored her and continued to talk about SG1.

Eventually, he managed to track down Jack O'Neill and made his way to his home where he faced Jack and told him to tell him the truth, to tell him if that the SGC exists and he's part of SG1. Taken to the SGC SG1 soon learnt that he had the Ancient gene which allowed him to communicate with Jack over long distance via the ancient device.

When his wife met up with him again to ask for a divorce, he surprised her by introducing her to Jack O'Neill who told her about the SGC and their exploits to other planets.

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