Jennifer Hailey

Jennifer Hailey
Jennifer hailey.jpg
Played By: Elisabeth Rosen
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A senior cadet at the US Air Force, from the day she had walked into the academy she was compared to Samantha Carter. When Samantha Carter came to the academy to give a lecture, she was quick to notice Hailey and see the potential in her to become part of the Stargate Program.

Unfortunately Sam found that Hailey's attitude was about to get her expelled, to help her, she showed her what the future could hold for her. Taking Hailey through the Stargate to M4C-862 a research station. Knowing what's in store for her in the future, Hailey graduated from the academy with top marks and was enlisted for the Stargate Training Program.

Going through possible situations with team-mates Elliott, Grogan and Satterfield they were soon put into a 'real life' foothold situation at the SGC. Unknown to her team mates, Hailey had prior knowledge that the mission was in fact a training program to see how the others faired. Successfully completing the training mission, Hailey was put on stand by.

[edit] Key Episodes

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