Jay Felger

Jay Felger
Jay felger.jpg
Played By: Patrick McKenna
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A bumbling scientist, and hero wanna be. Jay Felger hero worships SG1, and in particular Jack O'Neill. Felger got the chance to become a hero when he and Coombs witnessed the kidnapping of SG1. Wanting to be a hero, he and Coombs used the rings transporter that they had uncovered to transport themselves onto the Goa'uld ship.

Onboard, they managed to find SG1, who told them that they had intentionally allowed themselves to be taken captive in order to meet with a Tok'ra spy in the service of Anubis. He and Coombs were taken by Jaffa that knew the true identity of the Tok'ra to a location where they would be safe, however Jaffa loyal to Anubis arrived and killed the free Jaffa. Felger and Coombs once again took it upon themselves, and managed to free SG1 and escape Anubis's forces. Back at the SGC Felger and Coombs were awarded for his bravery.

Being a brilliant scientist, Felgers along with his assistant Chloe tried to create a powerful weapon, however it failed causing problems at the SGC. To stay at the SGC, he promised Hammond to give him away to disable any Stargate, a virus known as Avenger. He worked hard on it, to come up with a prototype, however when it was used, the whole gate network shut down.

Finding it hard to find the solution, he got much needed motivation and support from Samantha Carter, whom he had a thing for, eventually managing to restore the gate system. During this time, he realised that his assistant Chloe had feelings for him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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