Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter
Jacob carter.jpg
Played By: Carmen Argenziano
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Alpha Site - Old 1 (P3X-984)
Alpha Site - Old 2 (P4X-650)

Having forced his daughter to become an airmen, Jacob now wanted Sam to become an Astronaught like she wanted to be when she was younger. However, in an attempt to give her the assignment she always wanted, Sam managed to find him the best assignment an he soldier could dream of, the Liason between the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri.

Jacob is a leader in his own right, a General in the US airforce, Jacob soon developed cancer and was about to die when Sam gave him the option to blend with a Tok'ra and extend his life. The blending worked, and Jacob became the greatest link between the Tok'ra and Tau'ri. Whilst being blended wtih Selmak, Selmak forced Jacob to come to Earth in an attempt to bridge the gap between his estranged son.

As Jacob was the father of Sam, the Tok'ra saw this as a sign of weakness, as he didn't want to keep anything hidden from the Tau'ri, but secrecy had been the life of the Tok'ra for many years.

During the showdown between the Replicators and the Goa'uld, in a last effort, Jacob came to Earth with technology allowing them to track the battle from the SGC. Eventually Selmak's knoweldge was needed in re-progamming an ancient device to destroy the Replicators.

Though Selmak gave Jacob seven more years of life, Selmak without the use of a Sarcophagus was dieing, and with it one of the greatest allies the Tau'ri had. However, before he died, Jacob told Sam to follow her heart, in her decision to marry Pete.

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