Played By: Marilyn Norry
Race: Enkarans
Planets: Enkaran Home world

Leader to her Enkaran village, Hedrezar was grateful to SG1 who saved them from their Goa'uld oppressors and managed to find them a new home-world. To show her gratitude, Hedrezar invited SG1 to dinner as well as promising to name her unborn grandson after Jack O'Neill. She hoped that the new planet would be transformed by the next season.

Albeit blind, Hedrezar was a true leader among her people, and when an alien race started to terra-form the planet, she was forced to once again ask SG1 for their help. When negotiations failed, Hedrezar feared for her people, fortunately Daniel Jackson managed to come up with a solution.

Lotan, a representative of Gadmeer civilisation, and liaison between the two races offered Hedrezar an alternative, he offered to take them to the Enkaran home-world from which they originated. Thrilled that her people could finally be home, she offered Lotan a place among her people, and he graciously agreed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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