Planet Information
Galaxy: Ida
Race(s): Asgard

[edit] History

Halla is a planet in the Ida galaxy, it is an Asgard Planet, one of the first colonised by the asgard. When the threat of the replicators could not be contained any longer, they used the body of the Android Reese to set a trap on the planet Halla. They first evacuated all the Asgard on the planet and then set a time dilation device which would give the Asgard enough time to solve the replicator problem. However, before the trap could go off, the replicators reached the planet and managed to change it to their liking. They accelerated time on the planet giving them thousands of years, at which point they built humanoid form replicators. SG-1 were sent to reactivate the trap, and they did so, stopping the replicators in their tracks. However, knowing the replciators would soon become free, the Asgard decided to destroy the threat once and for all, by collapsing a nearby sun to create a black hole, which would destroy the planet and the replicators with it. The planet was destroyed however, the replicators were able to escape.

[edit] Key Episodes

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