Played By: Tony Todd
Race: Sodan
Planets: Sodan Homeworld (P9G-844)

Lord Haikon is a respected Jaffa among the Sodan and has led them for countless years. A spiritual leader, Lord Haikon and the other Sodan have spent many years in search and worshipping the ascended Ancients, hoping to one day ascend. When the Ori visited his planet, Haikon was swayed into believing that Origin would too lead them to the path of Ascension.

When Cameron Mitchell shot the Sodan Volnek, he was taken by the Sodan to face his crimes. Haikon sentenced him to kel shak lo ordering that when has recovered he fight with Volnek's brother, a fight to the death. Whilst recovering, Mitchell tried many times to sway Haikon's decision to believe in Origin however failed and the Sodan accepted Origin blindly.

Their decision to follow Origin didn't last long as the Sodan were sent to a planet to convert a planet unwilling to convert to Origin. Believing they would see considerable force, the Sodan found a village that were unable to protect themselves. Not believing that the Ori would want them to destroy defenceless inhabitants, Haikon sent the Jaffa to another planet that had also resisted the Ori. Finding the planet's inhabitants destroyed Haikon realised that the Ori were nothing like that which they preached, and so he decided to renounce Origin.

Renouncing Origin, Haikon was able to help SG1 who came to the planet hoping to capture a Prior in hopes of stopping the Prior Plague which had broken out on Earth. In renouncing Origin, Haikon did not realise what would happen as the Priors afflicted Volnek with strange mutation which caused him to kill his own people. Injured by Volnek, Haikon managed to survive thanks to the Tau'ri who received their distress call and came to their rescue.

After they stopped Volnek, Haikon was the only Sodan that they could save.

[edit] Key Episodes

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