Played By: Russell Ferrier
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Leader of SG2, whilst a Captain, Griff accompanied SG1 in the search for Daniel Jackson however was shot in the arm by a Goa'uld infested Robert Rothman.

He was eventually promoted to Major, during which time he was assigned on a mission to P3R-118 to search for SG1. Although the planets administrator told him that Jack O'Niell had gone into the planets harsh icy climate regardless of his warnings, Griff after returning from the planet came to the conclusion that Jack would not have endangered his team on a mission in that weather.

Eventually Jack and Teal'c came to Griff's rescue, when he was assigned to baby-sit a group of scientists. Griff was more than glad when he gave control of the scientists to Jack.

[edit] Key Episodes

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