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Race Information
Planet(s): Anubis Super Weapon Planet
Hathor's planet
Ship(s): Al'kesh
Anubis' Escape Pod
Anubis' Mothership
Apophis' Mothership
Apophis' Prototype Ship
Death Glider
Goa'uld Escape Ship
Goa'uld Mothership
Osiris' Ship
Troop Transport

The Goa'uld are an old parasitic race who believe that they are gods, and the humans are nothing but mere slaves in comparison. The Goa'uld first took a race known as the Unas as their hosts, however, although they had longevity they soon discovered that human were a much better host, and had the ability to regenerate using a device known as the Sarcophagus. Eventually the Goa'uld started ruling over the planet known as Earth, and many slaves were taken via a means known as the Stargate onto various worlds, where the Goa'ulds ruled supreme. Back on Earth, during an uprising the Goa'uld Ra was forced to abandon and retreat to another one of the planets that he controlled. However, years later, when the Earth gate was re-discovered and the Tau'ri learnt how to use it, a team known as SG-1 started wiping out the Goa'uld to stop their enslavement over the humans. First they managed to kill Ra, followed by Hathor, Apophis and many other Goa'ulds and with the help of their allies, they managed to finally stop the rule of the Goa'ulds, when all the Jaffa also rebelled against their false gods. However, a few minor Goa'ulds still remain who are served by their human slaves.

[edit] Key Episodes

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