Played By: Ian Buchanan
Race: Replicators
Planets: Halla

The first human form Replicator to be created on the planet Halla by the Replicators based on the Android Reese. Created before the Asgard time dilation device could go off, First managed to manipulate a small crack in the neutronium shell to reverse the effects, speeding up the time instead of slowing it down. First, who now controlled the Replicators managed to consume everything on the planet, replicating out of control.

First was however made with the same flaw that was present in Reese, one which he tried to fix which led to the creations of Second, Third and Fourth, however it wasn't until Fifth was created that the flaw was finally fixed. However he soon believed that the flaw made him and his fellow brethren stronger, and Fifth who had been given feelings, more human than the others, appeared weaker than him and his fellow Replicators.

When SG1 came to the planet to fix the device, he was convinced that humanity was a weakness in it self when Fifth was unable to take the pain that First and the others caused the team as they tortured them for information. Eventually Fifth proved Firsts point when he helped SG1 escape, leading to the doom of his race as the device activated causing the Replicators to come to a halt, giving the Asgards time to come up with a permanent solution.

Destroying the sun, and sending the planet into a black hole, the Asgard managed to kill First, however the flawless Fifth managed to escape proving that First indeed had a flaw.

[edit] Key Episodes

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