Played By: Patrick Currie
Race: Replicators
Planets: Halla

Created by the Replicators, Fifth is the human form of the Replicators. He was created by First, and was the only human form Replicator in which the programming flaw which was discovered in Reese was corrected. However, First realised that in fixing the flaw, he was more human than the others and believed that this made him weaker than the others.

When SG1 came to the planet to stop the Replicators, Fifth took a liking to Samantha Carter, and when she requested his help to escape the planet, Fifth agreed, fixing the trap set by the Asgard. She promised to take him with her, however, under the orders of Jack O'Neill, she double-crossed him and left him behind. Realising what she had done a few seconds before the trap was activated, Fifth was unable to stop the device before it was activated.

After two years in real time, the Fifth managed to disable the device, however the Asgard had created a black hole which they hoped to would destroy the Replicators once and for all. However, using the time-dilation device they managed to escape the intense pull of the gravity. Sensing the Asgard ship, Fifth attacked it, managing to beam aboard Samantha Carter. Enraged with Carter betraying him, Fifth tortured her on-board the ship before taking her to Orilla, the new Asgard homeworld where they hoped to find the material to make more human form Replicators.

On Orilla Fifth began to feel love for her, and tried to make her believe the past few years were a dream, however she fought and he was unable to convince her. In the meantime, with the help of the Ancient knowledge in Jack O'Neill's brain, the Asgard were able to make a weapon that could destroy the Replicators. They managed to force him and his Replicator brethren to leave the planet, however he managed to create a human form Replicator in the image of Carter giving her the memories of the origional as well.

In fear of the new weapon, Fifth and the Relicator Carter made a plan to find a way to protect themselves from the weapon. Fifth sent Replicator Carter whose job it was to find a defence to the weapon and then send it to the other Replicators, however Replicator Carter also double-crossed him, and used the weapon anti-replicator weapons on Fifth, killing him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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