Played By: Darcy Belsher
Race: Olesian
Planets: Olesia

A genius Olesian, Eldon was sentenced to life on a prison island, accused of killing a man, however he insists that it was a case of mistaken identity, and due to Olesia's policy of having the same punishment for any degree of crime, he was sentenced unfairly. Unfortunately with no evidence contradictory to the charge, he was unable to save himself from prison, knowing that when the Wraith come, those on the island will be the only ones to be culled.

Eldon whilst on the island, managed to use his intelligence to create explosives using the various minerals found around the island, as well as developing ignition machines to launch the weapons.

Using Eldons weapons, the other inhabitants of the prison island managed to shoot the Puddle Jumper down, along with Sheppard's team. Realising that the Puddle Jumper could be used to help them escape the island, Torrell ordered Rodney McKay to work with Eldon and fix the puddle jumper. However, Eldon soon switched sides, and managed to use a knife from the Puddle Jumper to free Sheppard's team. However before they could escape, a Wraith dart emerged through the gate.

McKay managing to fix the ships systems, managed to send the prisoners to a different planet, before taking Eldon with the team to Atlantis.

[edit] Key Episodes

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