EP 807 - Affinity

Season 8 Episode 7
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: August 20, 2004
Written By Peter DeLuise
Directed By: Peter DeLuise
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Followed by: Covenant


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

When Teal'c moves into an apartment off base, he attempts to build a life as a "regular" human however his attempts are thwarted when he becomes embroiled in the troubles of his new neighbour, Krista. Sam wonders about her life and future with Pete and about the risks that she takes in Gate travel and by involving him in that. Things are further complicated for Teal'c when he is caught up in a murder mystery and the SGC must help clear his name but it seems that the NID are also involved.

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[edit] Quotes

Carter: Teal'c, how do Jaffa couples handle their problems?
Teal'c: On Chulak, a dispute between a man and a woman that cannot be resolved necessitates a pledge break. It must be requested by one and granted by the other.
Daniel: And if that doesn't work?
Teal'c: A weapon is required.
O'Neill: Oh, don't be so dramatic, Dick - it'll give you gas.
Pete: I'm still getting used to the fact that my girlfriend's a super-hero.
Carter: Bit of an exaggeration.
Pete: The super-hero part or the girlfriend part?
Daniel: Wow - I like what you're doin' with the place - sort of, um, Jaffa chic with, er, East African flair
O'Neill: (To Carter) I never thought I'd hear myself utter these words: I need that report.
O'Neill: (To Sam) You haven't tried to confuse me with any scientific babble for the last couple of days and that's a red flag to me.
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