EP 721 - Lost City (Part 1)

Lost City (Part 1)
Season 7 Episode 21
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: March 12, 2004
Written By Brad Wright
Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: Inauguration
Followed by: Lost City (Part 2)


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

During a scientific expedition through the stargate, the SG team finds another repository of the Ancients' knowledge, and hope that they can use it to find the Lost City. However, when they become under fire from Anubis and his Jaffa, Jack download himself with the knowledge to save it from Anubis who would use the knowledge to do unmentionable things. However they do not know when he will be able to access the knowledge, but they do know that once he does, he wont have much time before the knowledge costs him his life. Whilst waiting for the Ancient Knowledge to kick in, President Hayes has Hammond removed from command and installs Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian. However, they are given even more bad news when Bra'tac arrives with news that Anubis and his forces are planning to attack Earth in three days and are on the way.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Mistakes during Filming

    • When Daniel attempts to look into the ancient device and Jack pulls him away, Daniel's back is towards the pillar. However, when the camera angle changes, the pillar is to Daniel's right, and he points to the device, which is supposedly behind Jack, but should be to Daniel's left
    • The block of C4 that Jack slaps on the corner of the wall by the Ancients' knowledge device, moves 20cm to the left as he turns to watch the descending death gliders

[edit] Inconsistent to Movie

    • In this episode Daniel says that at the start while trying to get the Stargate to work he used to stand and look out the briefing room window at the Stargate for inspiration. However, if you have seen the movie you will see that Daniel is not introduced to the Stargate until he has finished translating the cartouche, so he lied as he never looked out the window for inspiration.

[edit] Quotes

Bra'tac: Has Hammond of Texas fallen in battle?
O'Neill: And you are . . .?
Weir: Dr. Elizabeth Weir.
Kinsey: Your one hope of ever stepping through the Stargate again
O'Neill: Bit of a mouthful . . .
Hayes: It was ?Lieutenant' last time we spoke.
Hammond: For both of us. That was a lot of hair ago
O'Neill: I hope you like Guinness, sir. I find it a refreshing substitute for . . . food.
O'Neill: Carter, you're one of this country's natural resources, if not national treasures
O'Neill: I need a seven letter word.
Daniel: I told Sam I wouldn't help you
O'Neill: : Then this will be the one thing she doesn't know. Up, Down, Charmed . . .
Daniel: Strange
O'Neill: Yeah. Well, thanks anyway.
O'Neill: You're so shallow
Daniel: Oh please. Teal'c is like one of the deepest people I know. He's so deep. Tell him how deep you are. You'll be lucky if you understand this.
Teal'c: My depth is immaterial to this conversation
Daniel: Oh! You see?
O'Neill: No more beer for you
O'Neill: Three days from now is a Thursday. Thursday's not good for us
Carter: Twenty-three across, the atomic weight of Boron. The answer is 'ten'.
O'Neill: Yes?
Carter: You wrote the word 'fat'.
O'Neill: Your point?
Weir: Well, have you got everything you need? I think there's still a sink in the kitchen.
O'Neill: Is that a joke?
Weir: Perhaps. A bad one.
O'Neill: Yes. Very bad. But I sense hope for you.
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