EP 619 - The Changeling

The Changeling
Season 6 Episode 19
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 28, 2003
Written By Christopher Judge
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: Forsaken
Followed by: Memento


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

In a busy hospital Teal'c is being wheeled into surgery. As the surgeon in charge looks at him, the doctor's eyes glow white: It is the Goa'uld system lord Apophis. Teal'c awakens startled, in his bunk at the fire house where fellow fire-fighter Jonas Quinn seems concerned. Teal'c does not have his head markings, and is speaking to Jonas in Earth slang, calling him "man" and "probie" — the nickname for new recruits, on probationary status. Teal'c says he's fine and to go back to sleep. But then Teal'c notices his symbiote pouch is missing. Teal'c awakens from his hibernation-like state of Kelnoreem to find himself back in his quarters at Stargate Command. Later, in the SGC mess hall, Major Carter suggests that perhaps Teal'c is concerned about the upcoming mission. Teal'c suddenly finds himself back at the fire house with Captain Carter suggesting that perhaps he was worrying about his upcoming surgery, in which he would be donating a kidney to his stepfather, Brae. Fire Chief O'Neill suggests Teal'c give the matter more thought. But there is no better donor-match and he cannot let Brae die. The alarm sounds and the fire-fighters are called to a highway accident. One of the men being carried out on a stretcher looks up at Teal'c — his eyes glowing white. Again, it is Apophis. Chief O'Neill orders everyone away from the site, as one of the cars is about to explode. But Teal'c sees Brae — whom he now knows is his father-figure, Bratac, in his other reality — trapped in the car—. . . which car explodes, its force throwing Teal'c clear but injuring him. Teal'c now finds himself collapsed on the floor of the SGC cafeteria, and he's rushed to the infirmary. Dr. Fraiser is quite concerned: No Jaffa has ever fainted before. In Teal'c's other reality at the hospital after the explosion, Brae/Bratac points out how strange it is that Teal'c was not burned or even scratched. Teal'c's wife Shauna, who was Shaun'auc in his other reality, is deeply concerned as well, and asks Chief O'Neill to get Teal'c some help. The help comes in the form of Dr. Daniel Jackson — who tells Teal'c he's postponed the kidney transplant, but promises he'll do everything he can to help save Brae/Bratac. Back at SGC, Teal'c goes through the Stargate, only to return to the hospital where Apophis keeps appearing, both as himself and as a surgeon. Apophis tells him, "You cannot escape your fate, shol'va," using the Jaffa word for "traitor." Back at the hospital, Brae/Bratac begs Teal'c to let him die, but Teal'c refuses. Daniel Jackson appears again, and talks Teal'c through the similarities between his life as a fire-fighter and as a Jaffa working for the Tau'ri (Earth humans) against the Goa'uld. Both seem equally real. Then Daniel suggests the impossible — that neither scenario is real. It finally occurs to Teal'c what has happened. Back at SGC with Dr. Frasier, O'Neill and the rest of SG-1, he recalls a meeting of the rebel leaders that had turned out to be a trap. Apophis' troops had slaughtered a hundred Jaffa and removed their symbiotes. Teal'c found Bratac, and passed his symbiote between them until help arrived. But they had each gone without a symbiote for too long, and are both about to die. General Hammond contacts the Tok'ra, of whom Malek divines a solution. They adapt for Jaffa physiology the human life-extending drug Tretonin — a distillate of Goa'uld symbiotes — that SG-1 had brought back from the planet of the Pangarans. If it works, it would mean that both Bratac and Teal'c will be able to live without their symbiotes — though they will be dependent on the drug until the Tok'ra can devise a way to make the effects permanent. The experiment is a success. As Teal'c recovers in the infirmary, Daniel Jackson materializes from his ascended plane to assure him that Bratac is fine — and that this reality is indeed genuine. Teal'c sees this as a very good thing, because it means that his and Bratac's new ability to live without their symbiotes could one day mean the end of Goa'uld oppression for all Jaffa.

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[edit] Quotes

Carter: Why don't you try a glass of warm milk?
Tea'c: I prefer not to consume bovine lactose at any temperature
O'Neill: Teal'c without Junior. That's a concept
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