EP 618 - Forsaken

Season 6 Episode 18
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 21, 2003
Written By Damian Kindler
Directed By: Andy Mikita
Preceded by: Disclosure
Followed by: The Changeling


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

Whilst on a new planet, SG-1 discovers a crashed ship, and realise that they are not alone. Soon they meet the crew of the ship, 3 humanoids, who are being attacked by aliens, and without their ship, they can't get home. Jack agrees to help them, and in return wants to learn about the ship and technology. The female member of the humonoid group, is injured in a shootout and returns with Jonas to Earth, whilst Sam and the leader of the group try to fix the ship. Meanwhilst, Jack is on the look out for the aliens that is attacking them. However, they have doubts as to the true intention of the crew and to who the true aggressors are. Their doubts are confirmed, when they capture the Alien, who tells them the truth, the humanoids are escaped convicts, and the ship was a prison transport vessel. In the meantime, Jonas is getting suspicious of the female crew member, who is trying to extract information from him by flirting, and sets a trap for her. Once Sam has got the the computer running she realises that it is in fact a prison transport vessel, and realises who the real enemies are. She is able to overpower one, of them however the third member of the crew is able to set him free, and knocks out Sam. SG-1 with the help of the aliens try to take over the ship, however, Jonas is captured by the female, and is used as leverage to allow them to go through the gate unharmed. However, the gate address she has is that of Earth, and she falls into the trap set by Jonas. With all three of the prisoners captured, the Alien is able to complete his mission having made a new friend.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • At the beginning of the episode, Jack, shows that he's not interested in Astronomy, whereas we know from previous episodes that its a hobby for him, as he had a Telescope on his roof.

[edit] Quotes

Carter: Don't get your hopes up. This is as far as I'm going
Aden: What does it mean? Samantha?
Carter: My father wanted a boy
Aden: Rule Number One when you're stranded on an alien planet and someone offers to fix your ship - flatter them profusely
O'Neill: The Celts were formidable warriors in their time. Their descendent may make valuable allies.
Teal'c: You've seen 'Braveheart' too often
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