EP 617 - Disclosure

Season 6 Episode 17
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 14, 2003
Written By Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie
Directed By: William Gereghty
Preceded by: Metamorphosis
Followed by: Forsaken


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

General Hammond, Major Davis along with the Russians, finally reveal details to the French, English and Chinese about the Stargate Project. However, things are made worse by Senator Kinsey who seizes the opportunity to try and get power of the Stargate Command. By viewing clips from past shows, General Hammond tries to convince the three countries to keep it a secret and allow them to have control of the gate at the same time. However, Kinsey tries to get the control back into the hands of the NID. Kinsey has now, been elected, Head of a committee with control of the NID so if they get control he will ultimately be in control of it. He nearly succeeds as the other countries threaten to tell their population about it, despite Russia backing the US. However, when things start to look bad, General Hammond calls Thor who asks that the control stay in the hands of the US Air force and with that, the other countries agree.

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[edit] Quotes

Thor: Senator Kinsey. O'Neill suggested I send you to a distant planet for your actions here but I am reasonably certain his statement was in jest.
Kinsey: I'm sure it was Commander
Thor: Supreme Commander
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