EP 520A - Enemy At the Gate

Enemy At the Gate
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Season 5 Episode 20
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: January 9, 2009
Written By Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie
Directed By: Andy Mikita
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[edit] Synopsis

Todd contacts Atlantis and reveals that a Wraith subordinate has managed to acquire several zero point modules that he has used to power a formidable new hive ship. He urges Woolsey to attack and destroy before it becomes a threat to Atlantis.

On board the Daedalus, Colonel Caldwell, Colonel Sheppard and the rest of the team, rush to engage the new hive ship. But the ZPM powered vessel proves itself an impressive opponent, crippling the Daedalus before making a sudden and inexplicable jump into hyperspace.

Puzzled over the Wraith's sudden departure, the team picks up a weak subspace signal in Wraith code. McKay is quick to recognize that the communique was sent, through subspace, from another reality. Once deciphered, their worst fears are realized. The Wraith message contains a familiar set of coordinates. The hive ship is on its way to Earth!

[edit] Plot

[edit] Teaser

  • Todd dials to Atlantis, and tells John Sheppard how he has been cured by the virus which destroyed his ship, and has returned to being the leader of the Hive Alliance. However, he has also had a few set-backs:- he was attacked by one of his underlings. Richard Woolsey asks him why they should care, and Todd tells him that he's managed to get a very rare and powerful piece of technology - a Zero Point Module
  • Rodney McKay & Ronon Dex are sceptical, and think that he just wants the expedition to help get revenge on the Wraith that betrayed him. To this, Teyla Emmagan agrees, however Woolsey notes that if that was the case, then he wouldn't have offered himself to the team, knowing that they'd have found out the truth sooner or later.
  • Sheppard and Woolsey agree that he's lying about something, however, they don't believe it's about the ship. McKay tells them that if there is a Wraith Hive Ship that is being powered by a ZPM, then it could be very very bad.

[edit] Act 1

  • Woolsey goes to talk to Todd, who remarks This city has become... quite familiar to me, almost a respite from daily life... it'd be a shame to see it destroyed.
  • Woolsey asks Todd about where he got the ZPM from, and he reveals it's from the Asuran City, and he had gotten more than he had let onto initially.
  • Todd tells Woolsey that he put his best scientist to work on making the ZPM compatible with the Hive, and Woolsey surmises that, rather than turning the information over to Todd, he overthrew Todd, and he now wants revenge the expedition to carry out his revenge for him. To this Todd tells him that the ships integration is yet to be completed, and if it is completed, then it will become unstoppable.
  • Todd has now been transferred to the Daedalus where he's visited by Sheppard. His Sub-space Transmitter and Wraith Armour have been removed and replaced by regular clothes. Sheppard tells him that, he still doesn't trust him, and that if he's set some sort of trap or hasn't been forthright about anything, then he wont hesitate to kill him.
  • On the bridge Sheppard informs Steven Caldwell that he'll be taking a cloaked Puddle Jumper to the ship to check it out first.
  • On the Puddle Jumper, McKay finds higher than normal energy output. They go in for a closer look at the hive ship.
  • McKay notes that the Hive Ship is using the power of the ZPM to grow larger, and getting a denser outer hall, which would make the hull impenetrable. Before they start making their way back to the Daedalus, the Hive Ship powers weapons and fires directly at the cloaked Puddle Jumper causing concern as their sensors seem to have also been upgraded.
  • Sheppard asks the Daedalus for back up, who raises shields and goes to help the Puddle Jumper.
  • Sheppard drops the cloak since it's ineffective against the hive and raises shields, however they are hit, and spiral out of control.#
  • The Daedalus arrives in time and blocks the shots of the hive from reaching the Puddle Jumper. The Daedalus opens fire on the Hive doing minimal damage.
  • They find a massive build up of power which turns to a massive attack which severely damages the Daedalus, removing the shields entirely.
  • McKay manages to fix the Puddle Jumpers flight controls, however the weapons are still shot.
  • The Wraith Hive Ship surprisingly jumps to hyperspace without destroying either the Daedalus or the Puddle Jumper.
  • Caldwell is surprised as to why they left so suddenly, when the Daedalus was crippled. Teyla thinks it may be because they knew the Daedalus were of no match to which Caldwell says it's unlikely for them to be generous. McKay thinks it may simply be the attack maxed out their systems.
  • Sheppard notes that they need to get back to Atlantis, however Caldwell tells him that the Hyperdrive Engines are completely shot and may take days or weeks to be repaired.
  • In the meantime, it seems that Kavanagh who had been monitoring the sensors picked up a weak signal. McKay quickly notices that it's a Wraith Code, from an alternative reality. However, Kavanagh hasn't been able to decode it.
  • McKay quickly manages to decode the message, which turns out to be a set of coordinates - to Earth.
  • Sheppard wonders if the Wraith had picked up the signal, to which McKay points out, that it could be the only reason why they left the battle as hastily as they did. Knowing that it could be bad if the ship manages to reach Earth, McKay asks that they send the Apollo & Sun Tzu to intercept the Hive Ship and try to destroy it when it makes a stop for repairs.
  • After finally reaching Atlantis, Sheppard and McKay beam down to be told, no other Wraith ship has started to move towards Earth, however the Apollo and Sun Tzu weren't able to stop the hive, which left the Sun Tzu crippled.

[edit] Act 2

  • McKay tells Sheppard that there's another ship that can help defend Earth - Atlantis. However to get to Earth they need ZPM's, to which Sheppard says where do you think I'm headed Rodney.
  • In the holding room, Sheppard enters telling Todd that the plans fell through once again, as it does whenever Todd is involved. Todd asks if he's come to make good on his threat, but Sheppard instead asks Todd for the location of the remaining ZPM's that he managed to get from the Asuran city. He adds that he may want to do this out of pure spite for the Wraith who betrayed him. Todd agrees to give him the location of the ZPM's.
  • Major Lorne's team return from the planet, with two fully powered ZPM's. Woolsey tells him to give them to Radek Zelenka, however Sheppard reminds them that they may be booby trapped, so Woolsey asks them to be sent to McKay first so he can check them.
  • Sheppard starts to move to go to the Chair Room, but Woolsey stops him telling him to return to Earth where he can use the Ancient Weapons Platform to protect the Earth if the Wraith come.
  • At the SGC Samantha Carter welcomes Sheppard to Earth.
  • Back on Atlantis, the chair is ready, as are the ZPM's. McKay is surprised to find that it will be Carson Beckett who will be flying the ship, which meant that he must have a higher CIA than the rest.
  • Woolsey has the shields raised, and tells Beckett that they're ready, and the Ship begins to lift from the sea and starts moving away from the Planet.
  • Back at the SGC, Sheppard learns that Carter is commanding the base till General Hank Landry gets back from setting up a task force in Washington. She tells him that after that, she'll take command of the next Daedalus Class ship - The Phoenix which has been renamed The General Hammond after George Hammond who had a heart attack.
  • Sheppard asks where they're going next - to McMurdo, to which Carter replies Not exactly.
  • At the Gateroom, Sheppard meets with Major Paul Davis, who tells him that the Wraith Hive Ship has already arrived to Earth, and is simply completing it's upgrade before it attacks. Sheppard believes that they need to act first, and asks that the F-302's be fitted with Nukes.
  • Back on Atlantis, Woolsey tells Ronon and Teyla that they may not be able to return to the Pegasus Galaxy and that if they want, they can get off now, before they reach the Milky Way, rather than participating in what might turn out to be the losing side of a battle that isn't theres, to which Ronon reminds him Like everyone on this base has been doing for the past five years?. They both agree to stay on Atlantis and help with the battle.
  • On Earth the F-302's have been fitted with Nukes, however Carter tells him that it took far too long to do, and that the Hive has launched an inbound wave of darts, which they believe is headed towards the Drone Chair which in the alternative reality was located at Area 51, which as of the past month, is also the location of the Drone Chair in this reality.
  • In order to stop the Wraith Darts from taking out Area 51, the F-302's go head to head against them, but are outnumbered. Two of the darts disengage and head for a kamikaze run at the base, and Sheppard follows, but is followed by more darts which manage to destroy one of the F-302's and hit Sheppard sending him spiralling. Unable to stop the Darts, they hit the base.
  • Spiralling out of control, Sheppard manages to regain control, in time to stop himself from crashing onto the planets surface. He notices the smoke coming out of the base, and Carter confirms that the Chair has been destroyed.

[edit] Act 3

  • Knowing that without the Drone Chair, that the Earth is defenceless, Sheppard establishes Earth Orbit, and shuts down everything besides life-support, in an attempt to enter the Wraith Super Hive Ship when it moves in closer to the Earth, and launch a nuke from inside the ship.
  • At the edge of the Milky Way, Atlantis drops out of hyperspace. The crew on-board Atlantis, try to find a way out what has gone wrong, as well as establish contact with Earth, so they can apprise of their current situation.
  • As the Wraith ship gets closer to the planet, the Earth's Stargate stops functioning, halting IOA Dignitaries from being sent to the Alpha Site.
  • Atlantis manage to establish a wormhole with Earth, however get no response from Stargate Command. McKay soon realises that they've connected to the Stargate on-board the Wraith Super Hive Ship.
  • A small team consisting of Lorne, Teyla, McKay & Ronon go through the Stargate onto the Wraith Hive Ship in order to sabotage key systems. In the meantime Radek Zelenka tells Richard Woolsey of an instantaneous way to travel across enormous distances - Wormhole Drive, however if the calculations are even slightly off, it could be bad.
  • When the Wraith Hive Ship gets close enough, Sheppard starts the F-302's engines and heads towards the Ship.
  • Whilst navigating through the Hive Ship, Lorne and the team are ambushed by Wraith, and they are forced to find another way around, however they are quickly stopped by more Wraith. One of the Wraith draws out a small knife and manages to stab Ronon in the back.
  • Sheppard fires a missile at the Dartbay doors, and manages to blow it open, allowing him to enter the Wraith Hive Ship.
  • Unable to save Ronon, the rest of them are forced to leave without him before more Wraith arrive.
  • Sheppard contacts the SGC to let them know that he is about to arm the nuke.

[edit] Act 4

  • Whilst fighting off the Wraith, McKay hears Sheppard's transmission to the SGC and tells him not to launch the Nuke, and that there's a way off the Hive.
  • Back on Atlantis Richard Woolsey alerts Dr. Keller that the preparations for the Wormhole Drive are complete, and if it works, they will emerge at what could be a battle situation, and to expect casualties, and if it doesn't work, the city will be destroyed.
  • Sheppard meets up with McKay and the others, who tell him that Ronon was killed by the Wraith.
  • The leader of the Hive, wanting answers as to how many people came through the Stargate, revives Ronon, however he refuses to answer his questions. Fortunately, before he can do more damage to Ronon, Sheppard appears shooting the Wraith and saving Ronon, but leading to a confused McKay as to how he could still be alive.
  • The Wraith Hive ship powers the weapons to strike Earth, however McKay alerts the SGC that it will still take them around 10 minutes before they can escape the hive ship. Sheppard tells McKay to detonate the Nuke, however before he does, Atlantis arrives.
  • In the Drone Chair of Atlantis, Carson Beckett engages the Wraith Super Hive Ship, buying Sheppard and the team time to get to the gate and make their escape.
  • Sheppard's team reach the Gateroom where McKay begins to reconfigure the gate so that they can dial out. The Wraith arrive to the Gateroom and engage the team.
  • The Hive Ships firing causes Atlantis to drop down to a lower orbit, putting more strain on the Shields. Woolsey asks Beckett that he try to pull the ship up, however he informs him that he can either fire or steady the ship, to which Woolsey tells him to continue firing.
  • McKay manages to reconfigure the DHD and dials the Alpha Site, whilst Atlantis's shield nears failure. As they escape to the Alpha Site Sheppard activates the detonator, which after a few moments destroys the Wraith Super Hive Ship from the inside.
  • Atlantis however has dropped orbit, and Beckett is unable to compensate, forcing the ship to fall to Earth. The SGC loses communications with Atlantis, and Walter informs them that several commercial vessels have seen a giant fireball streaking across the skies. After a few more seconds of non-response from Atlantis, Woolsey responds, telling them that they've managed to complete re-entry and are making preparations to land the ship over Water.
  • Ronon now back on Atlantis, in the Hospital Wing, is visited by Sheppard, who tells him the status of Atlantis. As Amelia Banks comes to visit Ronon, Sheppard leaves the two alone, and goes to visit Todd in the interrogation room.
  • Jennifer Keller, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Amelia Banks, Richard Woolsey and Carson Beckett all look out of one of the balconies, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, as John Sheppard enters to join them and admire the view.

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