EP 408A - The Seer

The Seer
Season 4 Episode 8
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: November 16, 2007
Written By Alan McCullough
Directed By: Andy Mikita
Preceded by: Missing
Followed by: Miller's Crossing


[edit] Synopsis

With still no trace of the Athosians, Teyla requests an off-world visit to meet with a seer, Davos, who may be able to help her find her people.

After convincing even McKay, the most sceptical of the team, of his psychic abilities, an ailing Davos travels back to Atlantis to receive medical treatment. While there, he has visions of tragic and devastating consequences for Atlantis.

Meanwhile, the Wraith bring a startling proposal to Lt. Col. Sheppard along with information that the Replicators are finding new ways to destroy human civilizations throughout the galaxy with devastating results. The only way to stall their attacks may be to collaborate with the Wraith in a dangerous partnership.

Adding to the stress on Atlantis is the arrival of Agent Woolsey who has been assigned to observe and review Col. Carter in her newly appointed position as leader of the city.

[edit] Plot

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