EP 321 - Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull
Season 3 Episode 21
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: March 3, 2000
Story By: Michael Greenburg
Jarrad Paul
Teleplay By: Brad Wright
Directed By: Brad Turner
Preceded by: Maternal Instinct
Followed by: Nemesis


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

SG-1 visit a planet which has a huge Mayan Temple, in which is a crystal skull. As Daniel looks into the skull a strange field emerges and engulfs him, Teal'c fires on the skull but Daniel has disappeared! As dangerous radiation was also emitted the rest of SG-1 return to base for medical help. Teal'c later returns to take the skull to see if they can figure out what it did to Daniel. As he takes the skull he steps right through Daniel, who has somehow been knocked out of phase. How can Daniel let them know he is there, and what help can his Granddad be?

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] CGI

    • When Daniel comes back to the SGC after becoming invisible and able to move through solid matter, when he puts his hands through Hammond, his CGI hands are long and pointy.

[edit] Quotes

Teal'c: Is someone present?
Daniel: Yes, yes I'm here, just...don't walk through me...it's very...disconcerting.
Carter: Look at these readings, Sir! These are leptons!
O'Neill: ...? Get out
Carter: Well, there has to be some sort of radiation suit or uhm...
O'Neill: Hey! If you had been listening you'd know that "nintendos" pass through everything.
O'Neill: Why wouldn't Daniel have told us that?
Daniel: (Who is invisible) Oh yes, by the way, my grampa is insane
O'Neill: Rothman couldn't figure out an ash tray! The guy we need working on that thing is Daniel
Nick: Now we must wait for the giant aliens.
O'Neill: That just has a nice ring to it
Teal'c: Dr. Frasier believes that you are not yet strong enough to undertake such a mission.
O'Neill: Yeah, whatever (Falls over)
Daniel: (Invisible to anyone except Nick) Repeat after me: He's standing right beside me.
Nick: He is standing right beside me
O'Neill: Well, he's lost a few pounds...
Daniel: Jack, don't be an ass
Nick: Jack, don't be an ass.
O'Neill: Daniel?
Daniel: No, no, no Nick, I'm real, you're not hallucinating!
Nick: Hallucinations always say that
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