EP 221 - 1969

Season 2 Episode 21
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: March 5, 1999
Written By Brad Wright
Directed By: Charlie Correll
Preceded by: Show and Tell
Followed by: Out of Mind


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

Because of a solar flare as SG-1 are going through the Stargate, they end up time travelling back to 1969. They have to somehow find a way of getting back to their own time, with a bit of help from a young George Hammond.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • On the note that Hammond gave to Sam, he wrote the time in civilian time (12 hour) instead of the correct military way to write times, i.e. (24 Hours) meaning instead of writing 6.03 pm he should have wrote 18:03
    • The producers of the show used a picture of the Sears Tower to show they were in Chicago. The problem with that is that the Sears Tower was not finished until 1973. It had just been started in 1969

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • During the scene where Daniel and Sam are talking to Catherine, a cat meows however, there are no cats in that scene.

[edit] Inconsistency

    • The adult Hammonds eyes are Blue, whereas the young Hammonds eyes are Brown.
    • When SG1 travel through the gate, they should have came out of the warehouse where the gate was being held and not Cheyenne Mountain. This is what has happened in the future episodes where they travel through time.

[edit] Quotes

Carter: Escape and hopefully live out the rest of our lives without affecting history
O'Neill: Or...?
Carter: I can't think of an "or" at the moment, Sir.
Daniel: No "'or"?
O'Neill: There's an "or"
Daniel: There's an "or"?
Carter: You can't just will something to happen because you want it to be a certain way.
O'Neill: Captain, where there's a will there's an "or"
Daniel: So we go into disguise, pretend to be foreigners
O'Neill: How are we going to do that?
Daniel:: Well, I speak 23 languages. Pick one!
In 1969
O'Neill: Got any cash?
Hammond: Sure, some
O'Neill: I'll pay you back. With interest.
In 1990
Hammond: Oh, by the way, Colonel - with interest you owe me $539.50.
O'Neill: We came to Earth to hide among your people a long, long time ago.
Daniel: From a galaxy, far far away...
Michael: After the concert, me and Jenny, we're even thinking about crossing the border to Canada!
Teal'c: For what reason?
Michael: You know man - the war!
Teal'c: The war with Canada!
Michael: No...
Michael: I'm Michael!
Teal'c: I am not permitted to reveal my identity
Michael: ... Far out!
O'Neill: Listen, Michael, I really have to say this: the two of you have been unbelievably...
Daniel: (interrupting) Groovy!
O'Neill: ...groovy...I think is the word
Jack and Thornbird talking about a Zat'n'ktel
Thornbird: What was the weapon you used?
Jack:: Weapon?
Thornbird: Our cameras saw some sort of weapon
Jack:: Oh, well it's hard to say
Thornbird: Some sort of state secret?
Jack:: No, just difficult to pronounce
Daniel: Nyet! Uh, he just asked if we're Soviet spies
O'Neill: This is a top secret facility. Anonymity doesn't go over well here
Thornbird: I'm Major Robert Thornbird. And you are...?
O'Neill: Captain James T. Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise. Ooh. All right. I'll be honest with you, Bob. My name's not Kirk. It's Skywalker. Luke Skywalker.
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