EP 210 - Bane

Season 2 Episode 10
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: September 25, 1998
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: David Warry-Smith
Preceded by: Secrets
Followed by: The Tok'ra (Part 1)


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

On BP6-3Q1, SG-1 are attacked by giant insects. Teal'c is stung and after returning to Earth Teal'c's DNA starts changing. When Simmons tries to get him transported into a more secure location for observation, Teal'c manages to escape mid-way and with the help of a girl finds shelter. In the meanwhile, Dr Fraiser is trying to find a cure, and realises that Teal'cs transformation will be speeded up without his Symbiote which he left on the prison transport. SG1 go back to the planet and try to capture another creature so they can study it and find a cure. Once the creature has been caught Dr Frasier is able to conduct a remedy, however, without Teal'c present they cannot save him. However, the little girl is able to contact the SGC and give them the location of Teal'c. Jack and the SG team rush to save him and are able to cure him of the transformations.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • When Teal'c flees the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, located in Colarado, he ends up in Seattle, which is the city shown in the episode.

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • When Teal'c is in the abandoned building, you can distinctly hear sea gulls. He is supposed to be in Colorado Springs, where there are NO sea gulls.
    • When they get in the ghost city if you look very closely, you can see a car passing by, through the glass building behind Jack

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: General, request permission to beat the crap out of (Maybourne)
Maybourne: Striking an officer is a quick way to a court martial
O'Neill: I'm not gonna hit you, Maybourne. I'm gonna shoot you
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