EP 204 - The Gamekeeper

The Gamekeeper
Season 2 Episode 4
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: July 17, 1998
Story By: Jonathan Glassner
Brad Wright
Teleplay By: Jonathan Glassner
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: Prisoners
Followed by: Need


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

On a beautiful planet SG-1 become trapped and knocked unconscious. They wake up and find they are reliving traumatic periods of their lives, over and over again. Once they refuse to play a part in the "re-runs" of their lives, an entity called The Keeper tells them they are part of a virtual reality he has created for the entertainment of "his residents". The residents are bored of there own memories, and want to watch the memories of the SG team to bring fun into their lives. The SG team must find a way to escape.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Dialling Sequence Blooper

    • At the beginning, you can hear someone say "Chevron 4 encoded", but only the 3rd chevron on the gate has lit up

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • As Teal'c and Jack are falling back from the melee, Kawalski can be seen behind them, but at the last moment, he falls over sideways, this is probably to avoid hitting the wall which would have made him appear to disappear.

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • When SG-1 is in the virtual isolation room, Jack calls the planet PJ7-Nine-Eight-Niner instead of P7J-989. There seems to be a common switching of the second two characters of Planet names throughout the first few seasons.

[edit] Inconsistent to Movie

    • In the Movie it was said that Daniel Jackson's parents died in a plane crash, however in this episode they show them dying in an accident in the museum.

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: General, without meaning, this time, to sound like a smartass, are you cracked?
SG-1 pops out the Gate in the middle of a beautiful garden
Carter: This is beautiful.
O'Neill: Yeah... but where there's a garden, there's snakes
Daniel: And flowers. *sneezes* Way too many flowers.
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