EP 201 - The Serpent's Lair

The Serpent's Lair
EP 201.jpg
Season 2 Episode 1
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: June 26, 1998
Written By Brad Wright
Directed By: Jonathan Glassner
Preceded by: Within the Serpent's Grasp
Followed by: In the Line of Duty


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

The SGC is preparing for the Goa'uld attack. America's best and brightest are sent through the Stargate to a safe Alpha site on a different planet. Back on one of the Goa'uld ships, SG-1 are trying to blow them up. They are aided by Master Bra'tac who was Teal'c's Jaffa teacher. They realise that they don't have much time, and when Daniel is shot they put him in a sarcophagus and leave before the ships blow

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • Daniel said that they called the Alpha site the Beta site in the alternate reality, when dialling the Alpha site on Klorel's ship we can clearly see that they dial a different address to the Beta site dialled in "There but for the grace of God"
    • When Daniel enters the Sarcophagus, he has a staff wound on the shoulder, however when he exits, the wound has healed and his clothing which had burned away, now appears to be fine. It should in fact still be burnt since the Sarcophagus only has the ability to bring

[edit] Dialling Sequence Blooper

    • When the SGC dials the Alpha site, the computer displays the coordinates to Abydos instead, and then after a few seconds it displayed the coordinates to Chulak.

[edit] CGI

    • When Bra'tac fired the zat, you can clearly see that the top part moves twice (meaning he fired twice), but in the CGI you can only see one shot being fired.

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • Right after Klorel has gone through the sarcophagus, we see Bra'tac telling Teal'c that Klorel has risen and the campaign has begun. On the far right of the screen, Richard Dean Anderson can clearly be seen dropping a script on a crate behind Bra'tac and jumping out of the picture, however, the script is visible throughout the whole of that scene.

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: Take it easy, Daniel. We've been in worst situations
Teal'c: Not that I know of
O'Neill: Thanks, Teal'c
O'Neill: I think what the captain is asking is... what now?
Bra'tac: Now we die
O'Neill: Well that's a bad plan
O'Neill: (when he sees Daniel stayed alive somehow) Spacemonkey... yeah!
Bra'tac: Perhaps if the warships of your world attack we will be able...
Carter: (interrupting) Eh, excuse me... did you say 'the ships of our world'?
Bra'tac: Surely you have such vessels?
Daniel: Well, we have a number of...of...
Daniel: (Same time as Jack) Shuttles
O'Neill: (Same time as Daniel) Shuttles
Bra'tac: These... 'shuttles'... they are a formidable craft?
O'Neill: Oh yeah... yeah... bad day..
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