EP 106A - Childhood's End

Childhood's End
Season 1 Episode 6
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: August 13, 2004
Written By Martin Gero
Directed By: David Winning
Preceded by: Suspicion
Followed by: Poisoning the Well


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

During a mission, the Puddle Jumper crash lands on a planet and all electrical items cease working. They soon find a village full of children, and discover, that to protect themselves from the Wraith, they commit ritual sucide, the night before they turn 26, and since they began, no Wraith has attacked. However, they feel thretened when the "Adults" come, and feel that the Wraith will sense them and come. However, their fears are justified, when McKay finds a device, powered by the ZPM which creates a field around the village, that interrupts all electronical equipments. However, uknown to them, when McKay removes the ZPM to take to Atlantis, a signal is activated which calls the Wraith. Soon it becomes a race, will the Wraith come, or can McKay reactivate the device?

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • How could the EM field be activated 500 years ago, when the Ancients left the galaxy over 10,000 years before? Who remained and (not only) built the device but activated it using the ZPM

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • When the jumper is hit by the energy field this energy shuts everything on-board down. But during the scene of the emergency landing one can see the activated drive pods. That should not be possible. It also should not be possible to retract the drive pods when every system on-board is shut down.

[edit] Episode Trivia

    • The planet's designation here is M7G 677. The designation was derived from Martin 7(July) Gero 6'77. Gero's day, month, and year of birth (July 6, 1977

[edit] Quotes

McKay: I can't get any work done with you two buzzing around asking stupid questions in your stupid little voices. Now sit down and shut up! (cleya starts to cry) Oh don't…don't…don't…
Casta: You're mean!
McKay: Thank you for finally noticing…You wanna go…(starts pushing at Castas hands) You wanna go huh huh? I'll take yo—
Ford: Okay! (pulls casta away) okay okay. Okay…(to McKay) You got a real gift with kids…you do birthday parties?
Ford: He's just upset because you're smarter than him…you guys know what chocolate is?*both shake head* no? This is going to be huge! Okay come over here…we're gonna sit over here and we're gonna leave the mean old man alone.
Sheppard: You think it's worth checking out…
McKay: Any significant energy emission generally indicates technological civilization…
Sheppard: So you thinks its worth checking out.
McKay: I'm sorry. Yes. Energy field good. (Jumper shakes) Maybe not.
McKay: Let's see how long we can be quiet…who can be quiet the longest…huh?
Cleya: Well I'm not a quiet person.
McKay: That's not quiet that's talking…
Cleya: Well I'm not a quiet person. I talk a lot.
McKay: Ford…A little help here.
Ford: What are you talking about…you're a natural
Teyla: It looks like a shrine
Ford: You don't think they worship the wraith do you?
Sheppard: That'd be a first
McKay: It'd be disturbing.
McKay: What are we going to tell them Teyla?...listen…kiddies… everything you believe is wrong and trust us because we've been here for…almost an hour.
McKay: Hey……Can we go that way for a bit?
Sheppard: why?
McKay: Its…uh…ltd ford's compass is acting weird…Might be on to something
Ford: Good thing I brought it along.
McKay: How prescient of you…
McKay: Didn't fly over this on the way in…did we?
Sheppard: I don't know I was kinda busy with the whole trying not to get us killed thing.
Teyla: What happened?
McKay: He took us too close to the energy field.
Sheppard: Whose Idea was that?
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