Played By: Alan Scarfe
Race: Hoffans
Planets: Hoff

Leader of the Hoffan people, Druhin oversaw the development of a drug, that he and his people believed to be the only way to defeat the Wraith. Unable to perfect the drug, and with no live Wraith cells to test on, Druhin's scientists were at a dead end, however when Sheppard's team came through the gate, only once he could trust them did he tell them about the drug, and was pleased when he realised they could make it a reality.

When Carson Beckett finished the drug, Druhin had a dying Hoffan test the drug, and it successfully managed to kill a Wraith trying to feed on him. Believing it to be a successful experiment, Druhin had the planets population be given the drug, however soon after people started falling ill, and eventually dying. However, with a 50% mortality rate, Druhin believed the drug a success.

[edit] Key Episodes

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