Played By: Daniella Evangelista
Race: Ver Isca Inhabitants
Planets: Ver Isca

Citizen of Ver Isca, Denya was believed to be a village harlot by Vala Mal Doran. Part of the Anti-Ori organisation, Denya concealed the truth from her fellow villages, however Vala guessed suspicious of this, attempted to find out the truth. Wondering whether to trust her, Denya and Seevis (the local tavern owner) had her placed on the Ara where they realised she was trust worthy. When Vala followed Tomin to where he was helping build the Ori Ships, Denya and Seevis followed her and revealed the truth to her.

They gave Vala means to communicate with the SGC, however, they were stopped by Tomin, who came home after a failed attempt to sabotage the Ori warships. In rage he killed both Denya and Seevis.

[edit] Key Episodes

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