Played By: Matthew Harrison
Race: Junans
Planets: Juna (P3X-729)

A leader on the planet Juna, Darian and the other Junan's once served under the Goa'uld Heru'ur's. During a mission to the planet, SG1 visited the Junans and helped them see that the Goa'ulds were not gods, and caused the Junans to rebel against Heru'ur. SG1 told them to bury the gate, preventing the return of the Goa'uld. However, it wasn't long till Cronus came by ship, claiming the planet as his own. Darian and the other Junan's hated SG1 for spreading false hope.

When the android version of SG1 came through the gate, believing them to be the origional SG1, Darian had them captured and presented them in front of his new god Cronus. Cronus told him to prove his faithfulness by killing Daniel Jackson and gave him a Staff Weapon. Taking it, Darian aimed it at Daniel and fired, to find that he is an android. He was shocked to see this, and saw that Cronus was just as shocked.

When he went back home, he found that his wife, Hira had given refuge to the Android Jack who explained himself. With Darian's help, the Android Jack managed to contact the SGC and ask for help in saving the other Androids.

Darian along with the "real" SG1 managed to infiltrate Cronus's base and kill him, setting the Junan people free once again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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