Ship Information
Type: X-304
Race(s): Tau'ri

The Daedalus is the sister ship of Prometheus, built by the US Airforce with the help of its offworld allies, to help defend the Earth and the Atlantis Expedition. Commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell, it was first sent to the Pegasus galaxy to render aid to the Atlantis expedition who faced imminent defeat by the hands of the Wraith.

Powered by the ZPM it takes the ship 3 days to travel from Earth to Atlantis, where they gave the ZPM to the Atlantis base, who used the ZPM to power the Atlantis Shields. Without the ZPM, the Daedalus uses its normal interstellar hyperdrive engine which takes it 18 days to travel fro and back to Atlantis.

The Daedalus is equipped with rail guns, Mark 8 Naquadah enhanced tactical warheads as well as a bay full of F-302 fighters. Along with Asgard shielding and transporters, an Asgard crew member helps out when needed.

Using the Asgard beaming technology, Colonel Caldwell used the Asgard Hermoid's knowledge to reconfigure the ship to beam warheads straight inside the Wraith ships destroying them, however soon after they developed a defence against the beaming technology.

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