Played By: Ron Halder
Race: Goa'uld

A Goa'uld System Lord, Cronus's first prime at one point was Teal'c's father, however when he returned, having lost an unwinnable battle, Cronus to punish his first prime, had his symbiote removed and killed, killing Teal'cs father with it, however in great pain. Wanting to exact revenge on Cronus, Teal'c and his family moved to Chulak and promised to become first prime of Cronus's sworn enemy, Apophis.

Many years later, when the Asgard, Tau'ri and Goa'uld sat down to work on a treaty to make sure that Earth could not be attacked by the System Lords, Cronus was brought face to face with Teal'c. Wanting the Tau'ri to stop using their gate, Cronus along with the other System Lords wanted to much, however things got serious when both Cronus and Teal'c were found to have been attacked. Soon it was revealed that it had been the Goa'uld Nirrti, and the System Lords returned to their home allowing the Tau'ri to keep using their gate.

Wanting revenge against Teal'c and the Tau'ri, Cronus was pleased when his Jaffa caught SG1 on Juna. However, he was surprised when he executed Daniel Jackson to find that he was in fact an android. His death soon came when the real SG1 came to help their android counterparts, however Teal'c had his revenge, being able to deal the killing blow. However the death of Cronus meant that Nirrti who had been a captive of Cronus since she attacked Cronus and Teal'c at the SGC was able to escape.

[edit] Key Episodes

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