Played By: Garry Chalk
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Russian Colonel and liaison between the Americans and the Russians. Over a year after the inception of the Russian Stargate program, which started when the SGC's gate on-board the Beliskner, crashed into the Pacific Ocean, Colonel Chekov was assigned as the Russian envoy to the SGC.

Initially opposing the idea of the Stargate being completely under the control of the US Air-force, however, he soon realised that the costs of having its own Stargate program are far to much, and so he agreed to allow the USAF to continue to run the program, and in exchange they would tell the Russians about any new technology that is developed due to the Stargate.

He fought for with the SGC to have a Russian team be permanently be stationed at your base as well as all mission files going through our on site officer and all technologies procured and developed as a result of Stargate travel past, present and future, be shared equally. However, Daniel Jackson and Major Paul Davis, eventually came to an agreement.

Chekov has been a valuable envoy between the Russians and the SGC and has helped the SGC gain support from the British, Chinese and the French and stood besides General George Hammond and the SGC when Robert Kinsey attempted to gain control of the SGC.

[edit] Key Episodes

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