Played By: Tom Scholte
Race: P4S-237 Inhabitants
Planets: P4S-237

An inhabitant of P4S-237, Chazen strongly opposed SG1's presence on their planet believing that their presence will cause them trouble when their god, Mot returned. However, the others ignored him, and helped SG1 plan a trap to capture Mot. Chazen on the other hand, betrayed his people, and told Mot about their plans.

When Mot came, he managed to capture SG1 along with SG15 and imprisoned them. However they managed to escape with help from Natanya, another inhabitant of the planet. When the SGC tried to contact them, telling them that they would be ambushed, Chazen had a few people sent to check on the SG teams to discover them missing. He sounded the alarm, but unfortunately displeased his lord Mot, who had let SG1 escape, used the Goa'uld Ribbon Device to try and painfully kill Chazen, however Mot was shot by Natanya, saving Chazen's life.

[edit] Key Episodes

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