Charlene Spencer

Charlene Spencer
Charlene spencer.jpg
Played By: Deborah Theaker
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Mother of Andy Spencer, Charlene was happily married to Joe Spencer when the two went to a garage sale where Joe found himself an ancient telecommunications device. A few days later, Charlene was surprised when Joe suddenly began to tell his children stories about a team who go through the gate.

Being supportive, she told her husband to take up story-writing believing that it was simply a simple writers instinct, however when Joe became fixated on SG1 and the Stargate Charlene started to worry. She soon started hearing complaints from the townspeople about Joe's constant story telling whilst they went to get their hair cut at Stylin' Joe's, and that it had caused many people to stop going there eventually leading to the closure of Stylin' Joes.

Taking Andy with her, Charlene eventually left him and went to her mothers, wanting him to seek professional help before she came back. Believing that he was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions she confronted him, however he began to believe the stories were true and started his search for Jack O'Neill.

After almost six months apart, they met again however to her astonishment she was introduced to Jack O'Neill who told her that the stories were all true and Joe had not gone mad.

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