Burrocks Homeworld

Burrocks Homeworld
Burrocks homeworld.jpg
Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Burrock's Race

[edit] History

The Planet is populated by Unas and Humans alike. The Planet was once under the rule of a Goa'uld who left the planet. The Unas who served them were left behind. The Human slaves, learnt to use the weapons of the Goa'uld and led an uprising against the Unas, and after a bloody war which lasted years, the humans were victorious. They in turn enslaved the Unas as the Unas had enslaved their fore-fathers. However after generations of slavery, the Unas had become weak, and the inhabitants of the planet went to the only planet which they knew of which had Unas and tried to bring "new blood" to the planet. Among these was Chaka, an Unas which Daniel had befirended. Daniel and the rest of SG1 came to the planet to free him, and in the attempt, they helped the Unas lead another uprising. Chaka decided to stay, and eventaully was able to bring about a peaceful solution, where the Unas and the Humans could co-exist side by side.

[edit] Key Episodes

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