Ba'al's Outpost

Ba'al's Outpost
Baals Outpost.jpg
Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Goa'uld

A planet under the control of Ba'al, who used the planets as an impenetrable fortress. However, his palace was infiltrated by the Tok'ra Kanan, who came to the planet as part of a survey mission, in order to get a layout for the base. Once in the body of Jack O'Neill, the Tok'ra, was overwhelmed with Jack's ideals and personality, and was unable to suppress the urge to save Ba'al's Lo'taur Shayla whom he had fell in love with and left behind.

Kanan returned to the planet in the body of Jack, and was captured by Ba'als forces. In an attempt to find and save Jack, the SGC worked with the Tok'ra to try to determine his location. Once they found the planet, they shared the location of the planet with Lord Yu, who brought down his fleet to the planet, to destroy the fortress and Ba'al, which gave Jack the time he needed to escape.

[edit] Key Episodes

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