Ship Information
Type: Ancient Warship
Race(s): Lantean

The Aurora was an Ancient vessel sent to find out something that would help the Ancients turn the tide of the war, however, before they could do it, the ship was badly damaged.

The ships crew put themselves in a deep sleep in the hundreds of stasis pods in the ship, where they slept for thousands of years. When Atlantis was powered with the ZPM, it managed to locate the ship and Sheppards crew went to check it out.

They discovered, that the Aurora had succeeded in its mission and had found a weakness in the Wraith defences, however, Sheppard found that the crew, in deep sleep, believed the virtual environment that they experianced to be real.

Worse news came when they discovered that a Wraith was on-board and had managed to infiltrate and manipulated the environment.

Whilst trying to find the weakness before they had to leave, Sheppard discovered that the Wraith had already removed it, and was using the Ancients knowledge and hopes to return to Atlantis to create hyperdrive technology which would allow them intergalactic travel, as opposed to their current interstellar travel allowed by the Wraith ships.

As a last resort, the Captain of the Aurora gave Sheppard the self-destruct codes, and the Aurora was destroyed destroying two Wraith Cruisers with it.

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