Planet Information
Galaxy: Pegasus
Race(s): Athosians

[edit] History

Athos is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy, it was home to the Athosians before the Major Sheppards team came, and were followed by the Wraith who culled the planet. The Athosians were either culled, or taken refuge by the Atlantis team, and now live on the land located near the Atlantis Base. On the planet itself, has an old city located far from the village, which is romoured to bring Wraith to the city. Colonel Sumner was however, unable to explore the city, as the Wraith came and started culling the planet. Also on the planet, distant from the village, is a hidden chamber in which previous generations of Athosians hid from the Wraith. In the chamber, pictures telling of previous cullings can be found, which show that after many years the Wraith come, cull, and then leave, and return once the population has increased once again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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