Played By: Robert Foxworth
Race: Tagreans
Planets: Tangea

Ashwan is the Chairman, and leader of the Tagrean people. Ashwan was sympathetic to SG1 and the crew of Prometheus, and offered to help them with their search for the Stargate. However, even before their arrival, his standing amongst his people was stretchy, and with the Arrival of the Tau'ri, his people began to see it as a sign of weakness on his part.

His commander, Kalfus, took this opportunity to rally forces, in order to stop what he believed to be the beginning of an invasion, however Ashwan believed that SG1 were sincere, and he saw the potential for friendship between the two races.

He was interested in uncovering the past, and finding the Stargate, however, once it was uncovered, Ashwan's rule was under threat from Kalfus, who took it upon himself to stop the Tau'ri. However, seeing this, Ashwan took the courage, and removed Kalfus from his command, and regained the loyalty of his troops, whilst maintaining the friendship of the Tau'ri and the Tagreans.

[edit] Key Episodes

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