Played By: Jeff Judge
Race: Jaffa

A simple Jaffa, Aron served under Moloc but became part of the Hak'tyll resistance when he wished for freedom. When he met Teal'c, he was suspected of being a traitor, and when Moloc launched an attack killing all but Teal'c, Ishta and Aron, Teal'cs suspicious grew.

Whilst trying to rescue Ishta, Aron was knocked unconscious by Teal'c who could not guarantee his loyalties, however when Aron regained consciousness, he saw that Teal'c had been captured himself. He helped free Teal'c proving his loyalties, and with Teal'c he killed Moloc, and joined the free Jaffa.

Aron stayed with the free Jaffa, and helped Teal'c with the battle for Dakara. He stayed on-board the Mothership in an attempt to defend it from the Replicators and Ba'al's forces.

[edit] Key Episodes

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