Aris Boch

Aris Boch
Aris boch a.jpg
Played By: Sam J. Jones
Race: Aris Boch's Race

Aris Boch is a bounty hunter who managed to capture SG1. His plans were to present them to Sokar who would reward him, by giving him a drug, on which his race had been made dependant (by the Goa'uld).

He also tried to use SG1 to capture a Tok'ra, and he succeeded, however in the last minute he decided that what SG1 represented was good, and he freed them and faked an explosion, believing Sokar would think him and the prisoners were killed in the blast.

He then left to find another bounty, so he could get the much needed drug, but not before giving some to Sam, with the hopes that she could find a cure to their dependancy.

[edit] Key Episodes

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