Played By: Peter Williams
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Chulak

Apophis is the Serpent God, and the arch enemy of SG1. Apophis's first arrival on Earth set into motion events which led to the eventual defeat of the Goa'uld. Apophis, is the brother of Ra, as well as his mortal enemy.

Apophis first came to Earth looking for hosts, and then he went to Abydos, where he took a few more hosts. He was followed back to Chulak, where the people of the Tau'ri were captured, but Apophis was betrayed by his faithful First Prime, who helped them escape. In retaliation, he, with his son, Klorel, came to Earth to destroy it, however his plans were stopped by SG1 who had entered the ship and had planted bombs.

Although he escaped, the other System Lords believed him to be dead. He returned to Chulak where he captured the son of Teal'c and used him to try to destroy the Tau'ri, however his plans once again failed. Eventually, his forces were destroyed by Sokar, and in an attempt to save himself, he asked the Tau'ri for Asylum. He hoped that they would give him a new host body, however they instead returned him to Sokar who sent him to the burning fires of Netu.

Played By: Dion Johnstone, Peter Williams

On Netu, Apophis amassed followers, until he had a chance to kill return to his former glory. He saw his chance when SG1 came to Netu, he killed Bynaar and tortured SG1 for information which would allow him to get close to Sokar. During SG1's attempt to escape, Apophis got a chance to kill Sokar, and quickly took over his troops. With Apophis back in power, he started building ships which would allow him to overtake the other System Lords.

Apophis met with Heru'ur to form an alliance, one that would increase their power, however thanks to SG1 the meeting was a failure, however, Apophis surprised Heru'ur by bringing a cloaked army, which defeated Heru'ur. In an attempt to stop Apophis, SG1 set a trap, which worked, and destroyed most of Apophis's fleet, however it sent SG1 and Apophis hundreds of light years away.

Apophis managed to capture SG1 thanks to Teal'c, however the Replicators managed to take control of the ship, and SG1 finally achieved the task of killing Apophis, by crashing the ship into Delmak, the new homebase for Apophis.

[edit] Key Episodes

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