Played By: Vaitiare Bandera
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Chulak

Amonet is the Goa'uld queen of Apophis, her host body belongs to Sha're who is the wife of Daniel Jackson.

When Apophis came to Abydos in search of hosts, he captured Sha're and turned her into a host for his queen Amonet. Amonet is the mother of Apophis's child, the Harcesis child named Shifu. During the time of birth Sha're was given control of the body again and returned to Abydos, however she returned back to Apophis's side once she had given birth.

After two years she returned once more to Abydos where Teal'c was forced to kill her, however before doing her host was able to send a message to Daniel telling him that the Harcesis child has been sent to somewhere where he will be safe from Apophis and his enemies, and to find him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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