Aiden Ford

Aiden Ford
Aiden ford.png
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Atlantis

[edit] Character Details

A 25-year-old lieutenant that volunteered for the Atlantis mission, and is described as a 'boyishly good-looking' guy with a keen sense of humour.

Lt. Ford was for the most part, Atlantis's second in command after John Sheppard, who assumed command once Colonel Sumner was killed. Lt. Ford was sharp with a gun, and keen to earn the respect and recognition of his superior. Before the Atlantis mission, he was stationed at the Atlantis outpost in Antarctica, during the program to uncover the Lost City of the Ancients.

He left his family behind when he came to the Pegasus Galaxy and hasn't been back since. He was an enthusiastic character, and handled himself well in stressful situations, however during the Wraith attack on Atlantis, he was caught by the Wraith, who attempted to drain his life. However, before the Wraith could begin, the Wraith was killed, and thrown into the cold waters below, where his body was flooded with a special Wraith enzyme which makes him stronger than normal, however also reduces his ability to realise what's right from wrong.

When he was found, he fled believing that his team mates were now afraid of him, and wouldn't allow him to keep his new found powers as well as reliance on the Wraith enzyme. He fled Atlantis and is currently missing, appearing only to Kill Wraith and remove their Enzyme Sac which he now requires to survive.

[edit] Actor Details

At the age of 25, Francks has already amassed an impressive list of accomplishments in the world of acting and music. He is the son of the famed actor, Don Francks and brother of the actress/ singer Cree Summer, who made his first debut at the age of four in the children's television series "Sesame Street"

During his early teens, Francks became a singer, starting his first musical group named Dynasty and was soon cast in a western mini-series Black Fox. After starring amongst actors such as Christopher Reeve and Tony Todd, and keenly interested in music, he played the flute and trombone as well as wrote and performed music.

At the age of 17, he was offered a part in a film, named "The Planet of Junior Brown" which he accepted and with it, he began his ongoing relationship with the award winning director Clement Virgo, who later cast him in the films "Love Come Down" and "One Heart Broken Into Song". Subsequent he stared in the MTV movie "Love Song", and the television series "Twice in a Lifetime".

Soon after that, Francks reinvented his group of musicians and called them the "The Oddities" and managed to independently release five records over a period of eight years. Their sixth, entitled "The Scenic Route" was recently released on Battle Axe Records and is their first international release, using his alias Snydley Whiplash.

After an additional two years as a VJ for Much Music in Toronto, writing, producing and hosting various shows, he joined the Stargate Atlantis team.

[edit] Key Episodes

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