Adrian Conrad

Adrian Conrad
Adrian conrad.jpg
Played By: Bill Marchant
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A rich and powerful businessmen with an incurable disease. He spent most of his time trying to find a cure, only to find out about the Goa'ulds regenerative properties. He along with his secretary and staff, with the help of Colonel Maybourne managed to procure a Goa'uld Symbiote. caught by the Russians during their short-lived Stargate program.

Knowing that Carter was previously host to a Symbiote, and has survived, he kidnapped her as well, in hopes to find a way for him to use the regenerative properties. However, Carter, knowing what a Goa'uld is capable of advised him against it, and would not help him.

Hoping to remove the Goa'uld once it had regenerated his body, Conrad went ahead with the transplant and was soon taken over by the Goa'uld personality. He was never heard from again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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