Adrian Condrad's Symbiote

Adrian Conrad's Symbiote
Adrian conrads symbiote.jpg
Played By: Bill Marchant
Race: Goa'uld

Assumed to be the son of Cronos, the Symbiote was implanted into the dying Adrian Conrad in the hopes that it would heal him, however once inside, it assumed control of his body and managed to break free. However, he was stopped by Colonel Simmons of the NID who took him to a safe house where they secretly kept him in hopes to learn Goa'uld secrets.

Ultimately, after being kept in the NID safe house for months, they needed his help to find a way to free Teal'c. Simmons made a deal with the Symbiote, which he relayed to the SGC, however O'Neill along with Maybourne managed to find the safe house in time to save Teal'c and send Simmons behind bars. Both Simmons and Conrad were transferred into the custody of the federal government.

Having told Simmons about a secret repository of weapons, the NID orchestrated the high jacking of the new US ship Prometheus. In return for not blowing it up, they wanted Simmons and Conrad. However on board Simmons and Conrad got into a fire fight, and the host was killed. To save himself, the Symbiote transferred itself into Simmons, however he too was stopped when SG-1 who had gotten on-board, managed to retake control of the ship.

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