Aden Corso

Aden Corso
Aden corso.jpg
Played By: Martin Cummins
Race: Hebridians
Planets: Hebridan

A Hebridian prisoner, on-board the Serrakin ship, Serberus, Aden was being taken to be convicted back to his homeworld, however the ship hit trouble and crash landed on the planet designated as P2X-005. Warrick, the ships captain, forced to wake them from their stasis, became under attack by the prisoners. Aden along with his fellow prisoners managed to take over the ship by killing six of the eight Serrakins whilst the other two went out to search for food.

When SG-1 came to the planet, 3 years later, they mistook the Serrakins for aliens from the planet and believed Corso and his fellow Hebridians are the real owners of the ship. Soon becoming attracted to Samantha Carter, whilst she tried to fix the ship, however, she soon figured out that the ship was in fact a prison transport vessel.

With the help of the rest of SG-1, Corso along with the other prisoners were subdued, and taken to Hebridian by the Serrakins.

[edit] Key Episodes

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