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Fred (I)
Fred i.jpg
Played By: Alvin Sanders
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth


[edit] Fred (I)

A homeless resident of Colorado Springs, whilst asking for change, Fred ran into Ma'Chello, who was in the body of Daniel Jackson. Fred was invited by Ma'Chello to a feast, and taken to a nearby diner where the two feasted on Chips and Burgers, using Daniel's credit card to pay for the meal.

Fred upon talking to Ma'Chello started to believe that, Ma'Chello was a soldier who had fought in the Persian Gulf and was a War Hero. Soon after they left the diner, Ma'Chello was recaptured and taken to the SGC, however Fred insisted that he was a hero.

[edit] Key Episodes

[edit] Fred (II)

Fred (II)
Fred ii.jpg
Played By: Eric Keenleyside
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A car salesman in Indiana, Fred was a regular at Joe Spencer's barbers (Stylin' Joe) where he regularly had hair-cuts and a shave, whilst having to endure storytelling from Joe Spencer. After many years of story telling, Fred became tired of his stories and told Joe to stop telling them. He eventually changed his barbers after the towns people started to believe that Joe was going mad.

[edit] Key Episodes

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