Zenna Valk

Zenna Valk
Zenna valk.jpg
Played By: Allison Hossack
Race: Pangarans
Planets: Pangar

Zenna Valk a Pangaran archaeologist, was an expert in the Goa'uld language. Valk's father was the first to unearth the remains of the Ra's and Shaq'ran's Goa'uld base on the planet. Soon after discovering a Goa'uld Queen, Eugeria, the Pangarans created a drug which prevented all desease. Valk was one of those fortuneate to get the drug, as there wasn't enough "Goa'uld Symbiotes" to make more.

When SG1 came to the planet, the Pangarans saw it as a chance to get more Goa'uld symbiotes, however, Valk who was smitten over Jonas, wanted to tell him and the others the truth about the Tretonin. However, before she could tell them, the other Pangarans made it clear that if she told them, her supply of Tretonin would be cut off, leading her to become susceptible to all disease. In fear she stopped giving them direct hints, however allowed Jonas and Teal'c to take a look at a map which allowed them to reach the Tretonin distribution facilities.

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