Yu Huang Shang-Ti

Yu Huang Shang-Ti
Yu huang shangti.jpg
Played By: Vince Crestejo
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Jade

Also known as Yu "the great", Yu is a powerful, and one of the oldest of the Goa'uld to hold the rank of System Lord. Unlike the other Goa'ulds, in Earth's history, opposed to impersonating himself as a god, he took on the role as one of China's earlier emperors founding the first dynasty.

Being part of the System Lords, Yu accompanied by the System Lords Nirrti and Cronus, came to Earth in an effort by the Asgard to have Earth included in the Protected Planets Treaty. At first, Yu opposed the Tau'ri being able to use the Stargate, however when they discovered that Nirrti had attempted to kill Cronus, he agreed to let the Tau'ri use the gate, which was helped by the fact that his interests were not in their part of the galaxy.

When his forces were attacked by an unknown Goa'uld, the System Lords decided to hold a summit, one which Daniel Jackson managed to infiltrate disguising himself as Jarren, Yu's personal slave. At the summit, he learnt that the Goa'uld that was attacking them was none other than Anubis, a Goa'uld who he had previously banished, and assumed dead. Yu fought strongly against his return to the System Lord, however the other System Lords overruled him and allowed him back into the fold.

Soon after, he was attacked by Osiris, however he managed to survive. Yu's forces started a battle against Anubis, managing to hold their own against Anubis's forces, despite the superior technology in the possession of Anubis, eventually convincing the System Lords. Eventually, Anubis managed to create a mothership, with a weapon which decimated the System Lords fleet.

When SG1 came to Yu, requesting his help in destroying Anubis, he agreed, however Yu believing Anubis's forces to be in another part of the galaxy, he ordered his fleet there, betraying SG1, and taking Teal'c prisoner. His first prime, explained that, being the oldest Goa'uld, Yu is no longer able to change hosts, and the Sarcophagus no longer sustains him as it once did, leading him to do follow rash decisions. Eventually, his first prime managed to take his fleet to the correct location where they managed to destroy Anubis's new super ship.

Yu returned to Earth along with Amaterasu and Camulus after the Tau'ri managed to destroy Anubis's forces, wanting their help in defeating Baal, who had integrated Anubis's army into his own and had started wiping out they System Lords. When the Tau'ri refused, Yu and the other system lords, sent a ship to attack Earth and test its defences, however it was sent back on its way by the Asgard. Yu soon returned back to his planet, along with the other System Lords.

Holding another Summit when a new threat of the replicators became apparent, Yu along with the other System Lords that were present were killed by the Replicator Carter.

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