Wraith Homeworld 1

Wraith Homeworld 1
Wraith homeworld 1.jpg
Planet Information
Galaxy: Pegasus
Race(s): Iratus bugs

[edit] History

The planet was home to a Wraith hive ship, which was buried in the mountain during the Wraiths hibernation cycle. The Stargate of the planet was located in orbit around the planet, allowing easier travel for ships. Due to their long presence on the planet the ship was covered with trees camouflaging it, however, when Major John Sheppard, killed the Wraith, and the Wraith awoke, the ship left the surface. On the surface of the planets insects which act like the Wraith, themselves can be found, which are theorised to be an earlier evolution of the Wraith, meaning the planet may be the Wraith home world.

[edit] Key Episodes

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